Cherryhill Firefighters Complete Structure Burn Training
By Chief Jody Rainey
March 27, 2022

Nine Cherryhill Firefighters completed a 16 hour Structure Burn course on March 27. The course covered a variety of strategies and tactics that can be deployed based on reading the existing fire conditions, knowing the flow path, the thermal layer balance and other concepts essential to extinguish a structure fire. Three evolutions involving a second story fire, a basement fire and a coordinated transition attack were used to demonstrate the importance of hose management and communication. Firefighters from Aultman, Blairsville and Glen Campbell joined Cherryhill firefighters Nathan Rainey, Dan Zack, Bob Zack, Ben Ringler, Vinny Mutz, Allie Ringler, Brian Keith, Jr. Sabo, and Jody Rainey.