Cherryhill Engineers Practice Static Source Water Supply
By Chief Jody Rainey
April 6, 2022

Monday April 4, Cherryhill Driver Operators Vinny Mutz, Dan Trimble, Denny Porter and Dave Wyne with assistance from Firefighter Ben Mutz practiced establishing a water supply for Engine 241 by drafting water from Yellow Creek Lake, a static water source, with Rescue-Engine 242. Firefighting in a rural area requires driver operators to be proficient in establishing and receiving water supply from static sources such as lakes, streams and "dry" hydrants and tanker dump tanks. As well as pressurized sources such as "pressurized" hydrants and feedlines from other fire engines. Refining these skills are essential for life safety of firefighters working on an fire scene. We are proud of our firefighters who continue to develop their skills to better serve our community.