Cherryhill Firefighters Recertify CPR/First Aid/AED
By Chief Jody Rainey
January 15, 2023

On January 15 QRS Coordinator Jim Sadler assisted by Firefighter Allie Ringler led a CPR/FirstAid/AED recertification program for eleven firefighters from Cherryhill Township. Although certificates are good for 2-years, Cherryhill Fire conducts recertification annually to ensure our responders retain their skill and knowledge.

In addition to the standard course content, firefighters inspected all AED’s, reviewed response to mass casualty incidents, and restocked all medical bags on each rig.

Firefighters completing the training today included Jody Rainey, Jr. Sabo, Nathan Rainey, Bob Zack, Jason Geneva, Chris Brady, Robert Mullen, John Oswalt, Ken Gardner, Brian Keith, and Bill Cochran.

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