Cherryhill Firefighters Complete Hazardous Materials Opeations Refresh
By Chief Jody Rainey
February 5, 2023

On February 5 fifteen firefighters from the Cherryhill Township Fire Company completed the annual Hazardous Materials Operations Refresher program. The refresher course was held at the Indiana County Public Safety Training Academy and was led by instructor John Pividori.

Various topics from recognition and indemnification, states of matter, using the ERG guide, modes of operation, decon and pre and post planning were all presented. Various exercises were conducted to check skill sets of the class participants.

The following Cherryhill firefighters completed the program FC Jody Rainey, SAFC Jr. Sabo, Captain Jason Geneva, Captain Vinny Mutz, Captain, Dan Zack, Captain Nathan Rainey, FPC Denny Porter FF Bob Zack Jr, FF Dave Wyne, FF Chris Brady, FF Bill Cochran, FF Dan Silvis, FF Robert Mullen, FF Brian Keith, FF Chris King.