Cherryhill Fire Awarded Pennsylvania FCEMS Grant
By Chief Jody Rainey
February 12, 2023

The Cherryhill Township Volunteer Fire Company was awarded $14.071.92 from the Pennsylvania Fire Company Emergency Medical Service Grant Program The grant is awarded under debt reduction toward Engine 243. The initial purchase of 243 was possible due to loans from Kansas State Bank and from the Pennsylvania 2% Loan program. This debt reduction grant award will satisfy our debt service to Kansas State Bank relieving Cherryhill Fire of a $15,000 per year obligation.

Engine 243 is a 2014 Keystone F550 CAFS equipped unit. Engine 243 has a 1250 gallon per minute pump and caries 330 gallons on water. The multi-purpose apparatus is a first line unit for fire structure fires, brush fires, and landing zones, it is a reserve unit for rescue alarms. The smaller size of the rig makes it a valuable resource to access locations not always possible by larger fire trucks in our area.

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